A Bike Shop that is changing the world

Cannondale with Trailer
My new Car Free Life

In the tiny town of Hampton, NY lies a Bike Shop that is changing the world.

I’d been living in Poultney, a small traditional Vermont town, for four years before leaving on my kayak trip, but it was during the first few months that I had met the wife of Tim Johnson who owns Johnson and Son Bikeworks. She was hard to miss , biking around our little town pulling a huge green trailer behind her bicycle with a little kid sitting on it surrounded by multiple 5 gallon pails. At first I thought they were from Green Mountain College as many of the students and faculty bike, but I had to find out so I followed her. Continue reading A Bike Shop that is changing the world

I want to ride my bicycle…

Lexie and Daddy Bicycling

I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like




So let’s assume for the purpose of this story, me, decides to sell everything he owns and kayak from Canada to Key West FL with no plan of returning to where he once lived…stops before completing the journey? In my case and my defense, I had no plans of stopping until I got to Key West. I had planned on picking up a bicycle once I arrived in Key West, FL. My plan was that I’d be Car Free or better yet, Motor Free. Continue reading I want to ride my bicycle…

Kayaking 4 Meso – 2016

September 10, 2016
Poultney, VT

Kayaking for Meso

imageA few years ago while living in Vermont, I heard about this group kayaking on the Hudson River and going through the Locks. At that time I had never been through a lock and the thought of it scared me a bit. I was planning to kayak the Erie Canal so I’d need to go through a number of them eventually so I figured this would be a good way to learn about them. As it turned out, I never made it to the event that year or the year after. Instead, I learned about them first hand when I paddled the entire length of the Champlain Canal and Hudson River earlier this year. Continue reading Kayaking 4 Meso – 2016

Right Back where I started from

September 2nd 2016
Poultney, VT

Right back where I started from.

unbecomingWell, a few hours south, but the same state and my old home. I hitched a ride up here with my parents. Yes, I spent 4 hours in a car with my folks. It’s quite funny to be around them, but especially in close quarters. My Mom in the back seat talking to my Dad and I. My Dad, who is driving is partially deaf. His bad ear is the right one or the one facing the rest of the passengers. This is how something like that goes. My Mom starts it with a story about something she saw, read or heard. It doesn’t really matter, but this time it was an article she was reading in the newspaper to me. My Dad knows something is being said, but not sure what. Continue reading Right Back where I started from

Canada to Key West Paddle – Day 57

August 27th 2016
Millsboro, DE

Coming here to Delaware was a good decision, the right decision. It brought perfect clarity to what it was I’d been searching for.

imageUncle Stan and Joe took us out for a nice breakfast at the Clubhouse here and then we headed out for a tour of the area. First stop was Lewes, DE and the Ship Carpenter Square. It is a community of authentically restored Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century homes that had been moved here for preservation. Unlike a museum though, these homes are being lived in. It is quite an interesting neighborhood and being an Architectural buff, I really enjoyed the tour here.
Continue reading Canada to Key West Paddle – Day 57

Canada to Key West Paddle – Day 56

August 26th 2016
Millsboro, DE

As soon as I had hit the submit button on my blog last night, I got a Private Message on Facebook for a guy named Stephen Black. Stephen was a friend of a friend whom I knew through the internet in a motorcycle group I belonged to. Bryon and I had been friends just since June 2016. Stephen’s message said that he had a condo up in North Wildwood, NJ and it was empty. I called Stephen and within minutes he was on his way to pick me up. I’d been saved from sleeping on the dock at that very last minute. Social Media, when used properly, is a very powerful tool that can truly help people in a positive light, but as with anything, people sometimes abuse the gifts they are offered. Continue reading Canada to Key West Paddle – Day 56

Canada to Key West Paddle – Day 55

August 25th 2016
Wildwood, NJ

The day started off like every other, I woke up, but I’d never slept like this before. OK, let me clarify. I’ve camped alone and with people. I’ve camped with my good friend Ben who snored so loud; I’d have to wear my motorcycle earplugs. So when Rich told me last night that he snores, I thought nothing of it. That was, until he fell asleep. In all fairness, he did warn me. Continue reading Canada to Key West Paddle – Day 55

Canada to Key West Paddle – Day 54

August 24th 2016
Avalon, NJ

I awoke with excitement today for today I’d be rendezvousing with Rich Brand in Avalon. Rich left New Orleans in a kayak about seven months ago and is headed north to Maine before he stops for the winter after which, he’ll continue up to the St. Lawrence River and then head over to the Great Lakes and back down the Mighty Mississippi. His trip should take about two years. Continue reading Canada to Key West Paddle – Day 54

Canada to Key West Paddle – Day 53

August 23rd 2016
Ocean City, NJ

LexieI awoke this morning feeling down, but this time it wasn’t from the paddling or what lay ahead, but today was Lexie’s 13th Birthday. I should have been planning a nice steak dinner for my little girl and not paddling 2000 miles trying to find Life after Death, but she’s no longer here and that is what I’m doing. Mommy and I miss you terribly Peanut. We tried everything we could to help you beat that cancer, but we couldn’t do it. You were a tough little girl and you put up a big fight. Maybe I need some of that fight right now. If you never got to meet Lexie, you can still see how amazing she was on her Facebook Page. Click Here 
Continue reading Canada to Key West Paddle – Day 53

Canada to Key West Paddle – Day 52

August 22nd 2016
Atlantic City, NJ

imageI was so lucky to have gotten stuck where I did yesterday. Staying in the Rutgers University Marine Research facility was an amazing experience. First, the place has a Three Hundreds and Sixty degree Million Dollar view. A perfect place to storm watch, catch sunsets and sun rises. Second, the place had giant maps of the area I was paddling and it was nice to see where I’d been and what was ahead and Third, after seeing what I made for my dinner last night, Kim asked me if I was still hungry. Kim offered to make me a real dinner and she whipped up a nice hearty meal of Steak Salad, Chicken with an Almond Paste and Broccoli. We watched the storm blow through as we ate dinner and I was very thankful for being inside during it. Continue reading Canada to Key West Paddle – Day 52

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